Tuesday, November 20, 2007

October Events 2007

The WordParty organized some poetry events this month as well as participated in some outstanding events organized by our vibrant poetry scene co-horts. It was a collaboration of everything poetry!

Ingrid debuts Toward the Light

TOWARD THE LIGHT- A new book of poetry by Ingrid Keir debuts at Adobe Books, October 3rd, 2007

Ingrid Keir brought the Nova Jazz band with her to celebrate the release of her new book of poetry titled Toward the Light. It was an intimate and exciting reading full of friends, fellow poets and lovers of the word who came out to support and snag a personalized copy of their own.

Toward the Light was created in collaboration with Kyle Knobel who designed and also featured his photography in the book. The books are made partially with handmade paper on the inside cover which make each book unique and the covers, printed with gold foil stamp, come in four different colors.

Toward the Light is a glimmer through the authors personal history but most importantly a vibrant look toward the future. In her whimsical, dreamy verse she shares her loves, her struggles and her hopes. A beautiful book, sold at local San Francisco bookstores, go get yo-self a copy!
Phillip T Nails, kicks off Visual Voices
Jennifer & Artist
Ingrid & Artist
VISUAL VOICES - Art and poetry exhibit at ARTworkSF gallery
October 4th, 2007

Philip T. Nails, host of Amnesia's Red Light Series, poet and performer extraordinaire, invited us to take part in a very special art exhibit at ARTworkSF Gallery titled Visual Voices. Local poets were able to view fine art submissions and select their favorites to craft an original poem about the art.

The opening night was a blast! Philip lead the poets into a live performance of their work in the middle of the gallery to an enthusiastic crowd. The poets including Ingrid Keir, Jennifer Barone, Ledbetter, Steven Gray and more. We had a chance to meet the artists in person and mingle with an eclectic and vibrant crowd. It was great fun! The exhibit will be up till the end of October 07, go check it out!

Ingrid, Jennifer & Charlie @ SF Zinefest
SF ZINE FEST at the Women's Building 
October 5th and 6th, 2007

The SF ZineFest this year was so much fun! We had a table for the first time which we shared with artist Kyle Knobel and also Charlie Getter of Thursday's 16th and Mission reading series. It was full of poetry books from the poets who read at our night and we even gave live and intimate performances to those who bought our books! We also gave away some WordParty buttons and handed out fliers for our night, but most importantly we got a chance to hang out, have fun and meet lots of crafty locals who made everything from handmade bags, postcards and stationary sets to zines. It was a great time!

Jennifer outside Immigration Nation
IMMIGRATION NATION at the Brava Theater 

October 14th, 2007

Dottie Payne knows how to put on a grand performance with a cause! The Brava theater was absolutely enormous, beautiful and seamlessly organized. Some of the best and brightest from the Mission neighborhood came out to perform including Jorge Molinas, Maria Medina Serafin, Meklit and Todd from Red Poppy Arthouse and a host of musical acts. Jennifer Barone came to represent her mother land of Italy and read two pieces about her family immigrating to America and also a piece about the first time she saw the town where her family came from. It was a truly invigorating show with powerful performances and a powerful message behind it, America is an Immigration Nation!

MAPP - Candlelit room
Pablo Rosales & a pirate at MAPP

MAPP - Mission Arts and Performance Project 
October 20th, 2007

The Red Poppy Arthouse asked us to host a poetry space at the MAPP for the first time this year. Todd and Meklit graciously hooked us up with an Untitled space that is soon to be turned into a beautiful music and arthouse in the Mission run by Joe Lewis, former 16th & Mission alumni!

We gathered all our resources and friends and threw together a very last-minute, but fun-loving space to do our thing - which is perform our poetry anywhere and everywhere of course! We brought balloons, candles, candy and Bear supplied a feast for the senses of cupcakes (with the poets initials on them!) guacamole, chips, pasta salad and thensome.

Our performers were some of our closest friends and vibrant members of the local open mic scene. Charlie Getter and Guinevere helped Jennifer Barone with the hosting duties as well as perform. We had Philip T. Nails and Elisabeth Millican perform a short play about their illegal excursion to Cuba! We had Bear perform the longest and most prolific poem about cheese ever written, Cara Vida, Monique De Magdalena, Pablo Rosales, Jacques Korn, Mattie Bamman, Tatiana Molinar, Brandon Loberg, all gave us their best. Maria Medina arrived with her drum and Dottie Payne performed as Joe Lewis was holding it down with his stand-up bass.

Afterwards, we cruised on over to some of the other MAPP events. We heard a lot of music and saw some funky art. The Red Poppy Arthouse was packed with friends and there was some great music from Todd and Meklit and a lovely band names Lulacruza. Go get their album! It's beautiful.

Cameron McHenry @ the Beat Museum

Poets & Writers Series @ The Beat Museum
Featuring: Jennifer Barone, Ruby Freja and Cameron McHenry
October 25, 2007

Jennifer was lucky to be included in such an intimate and exciting reading with two very lovely up-and-coming poets and authors, Ruby Freja and Cameron McHenry. These ladies were an ear as well as an eye full, truly a night of poetry goddesses. Mark Schwartz received a grant from Poets and Writers magazine to host a series of poetry readings at the Beat Museum and managed to provide us with a sweet spot. Jessica Loos came in to host the night, the first reading ever to be in the upstairs museum. It was a truly authentic North Beach poetry experience where you never know what to expect. It was a great night to hear new poetry from some fresh local poets.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Passion Food, a night of poetry + food to celebrate the Autumnal Equinox

September 23rd, 2007 at the Red Poppy Arthouse

by Jennifer Barone

A night of poetry + food was a thought seed in our minds for well over a year now and turned out to be an amazing and luscious night of verse. After the night was over we were asking ourselves "Why did we wait so long?" — in retrospect, we have no idea!!! Let's do it again!

There were a few auspicious moments that finally lead to the fruition of a delicious dream called "Passion Food." First, the idea was sparked from our love of food, of course! Second, there was the coming of the Autumnal Equinox, a perfect time to celebrate the harvest, to reflect on the year, enjoy the fruits of your labor and express gratitude. Third, the Red Poppy was pleased with our organizational skills from the Neruda anniversary party and were gracious enough to allow us their space and were very excited to help us organization and present it to the community.

With the universe on our side, what could go right? Everything! Not only did we have the support of the Arthouse, we had very enthusiastic and amazingly talented artists and poets ready to bring their best work and try their hand at some culinary skills for the audience.
Here were some of the highlights:

Jennifer Barone, your host for the night, went and cooked up an Italian family-style feast of the senses with poems highlighting her favorite ingredients from her dishes of mozzarella caprese (with orange tomatoes) and vegetable pasta. She opened with a poem about feeling like a tomato, the history of pignolis (pine nuts), basilico (fresh basil), and a very sultry poem about olive oil being poured over delicacies and lovers alike, wink, wink.

Jacques Korn, a fresh face on the open mic scene, a videographer / film maker and a man who truly loves French delicacies such as chocolate pearls and sweet baguettes! He completely charmed the audience with his "salad in three parts" and brought samples of the food he read about with a side of passion!

Adrian Arias, local artist and poet, who we were lucky enough to have been introduced to at the Neruda event, made his famous, fresh ceviche, which he prepared while he read in Spanish ("the bilingual part of the evening," as he joked) and passed it around for everyone to taste. He also made an ice cream dessert and ripped apart a strawberry like the poster we designed. He is a visual artist after all and he's also as sweet as his dish.

Guinevere brought a fresh fruit salad to which she phoned her Mom to see if she was supposed to add lettuce to it! Bad girl! But luckily she did not, and luckily for us she took a totally different spin on the theme and compared her lover to a piece of cold, leftover pizza laying in the fridge. She had us in stitches and made us smile till our face hurt.

Ingrid Keir brought a lovely setting of fresh pomegranates and a heaping bowl full of Nutella - the best chocolate hazelnut spread that we're lucky to find in the United States! She read some of her recent farmer's market poems and gave a dose of chocolate sweetness to the audience, topped with some cookies too. (I dipped my finger in the Nuttela, I couldn't help it!)

Steven Kopel was so enthusiastic about our food theme that he just made our night. He brought along tons of fresh dates, fruits and even bowls, plates and toothpicks for people to nibble with. Not only is he a "blatant wordsmith and a peddling poet (on his bicycle he means)," he's a very rare gentleman. He livened up our set with his unique brand of wordplay that made us blush, think and giggle.

Pablo Rosales just had to read about rice, as well as bring three different types of Philipino rice dishes that were nothing short of delicious. He also brought up four beautiful glasses and read a poem by Neruda about red and white wine.

Charlie Getter closed out our night, along with a giant pan of homemade macaroni and cheese that was licked clean. He read about his lover's sweet onion salad, which we found out was written with tons of sensual innuendos in mind. He also read about Paris and other travels with a nice glass of wine in his hand.

If you were to ask me, I would have liked for the night to keep on going it was so much fun. It was sexy, sensual, funny, quirky and most of all unique because of the people that were in the audience who were so gracious and the performers who were so into it. Maybe one day, we'll get to do it again!
One last thank you to everyone who showed up to perform and to listen, you made our little dream an amazing reality. Thank you to Todd, Meklit, Casey and Lorilyn at the Red Poppy Arthouse for helping us put this event together and allowing us to inhabit your magical space.

Jennifer Barone, host 
Pablo Rosales
Steven Kopel
Ingrid Keir
Guinevere Q
Charlie Getter 
Adrian Arias
Jacques Korn

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Feliz Cumpleanos @ Red Poppy Art House

The WORDParty recently partnered with The Red Poppy Art House andCity Lights to organize a special night to celebrate Pablo Neruda’s 103rd Birthday. Held at the Red Poppy Art House in the heart of the Mission on July 12, 2007, the magical night was filled with fantastic poetry and film.

We had a very large turnout, in fact, the show was SOLD OUT! 

There were several exclusive readings from many of our participating poets. The evening began with Mark Eisner, who read from his wildly popular bookThe Essential Neruda: Selected Poems published by City Lights. He also showed highlights from the new version of his film formerly known as Pablo Neruda! Presente! Kristen Sbrogna graced the mic with her East Bay allure as she read a few of her favorite Neruda poems, as well as, her own poetry about the wonders of the Berkeley free clinic.

Another Pablo was present during the evening, Pablo Rosales! He impressed the crowd with not only his dapper appearance, but the Neruda poetry he recited from memory. He also read Neruda-inspired poems from his recently published book, Poems in the Palm of My Head.

Jennifer Barone electrified the audience with a passionate reading of Neruda’s "Poet's Obligation" and “Ode to the Tomato" alongside her original Ode to the Tomato. She also read "Poetry Like Bread is for Everyone,” from her recent book, Secret City, which was inspired by a quote from Neruda.

Johnathan Siegel showed us poetic alchemy as he interwove his poetry with that of Neruda’s. He began with a slow muted voice and then crescendo’d into a giant volcano spewing hot love poems! The audience responded with a thunderous clapping to one poem in particular, “And it is Then That I Will Beat.” 

Barbara Paschke, translator extraordinaire, shared some of her beautifully crafted translations from poets around the world. 

Adrian Arias was our bilingue poetry chef of the evening! As he recited poetry in Spanish, Adrian was able to convey the importance of reading Neruda in his native language. Adrian revealed through his poetry, his very famous ceviche recipe and even provided sample tastes!

In addition to organizing and hosting the evening, Ingrid Keir closed it with several of Pablo’s poems that resonate with her the most. She noted "Growing up on the beach with sand between my toes, and playing in the tide pools even as an adult, I connect with Neruda’s poems about the sea." Ingrid read Neruda's “Maremoto” (or “Sea Quake”) as well as her own “Mendocino” and “Feliz Cumpleanos Pablo Neruda” which was written for this special evening.

The enthusiasm throughout the evening was a clear indication of how much Neruda has touched all of us. We’d like to thank everyone for helping to make this night a possibility and a huge success!
Mark Eisner introduces his film
Ingrid Keir Reads & Hosts
Jonathan Siegel
Barbara Pashke & Jennifer Barone
Pablo Rosales
Adrian Arias

Sunday, July 1, 2007

2007 WORDparty "People's Choice" Award Winners!

We swear it was NOT fixed! We gave it to the crowd to hand-pick their favorite poet and jazz musician and luckily they chose right!

Jazz Musician of the Year: Colin Williams on Bass
Colin Williams has been playing with the Nova Jazz Quartet since the beginning. He is more than just a kick-ass bass player, he has even jumped on the mic to spew some verse! He is the first to hop up and creatively accompany the poets and is one of the reasons our night is so special. Congratulations Colin!

Poet of the Year: Bear (Barry Toffoli) 
Bear has been one of our favorites and a very enthusiastic supporter for well over a year. He always makes us smile when he gets on the mic. He gave a great performance of his favorite 80's songs wrapped up in a passionate ode. Congratulations Bear!

2007 WordParty Winners:
This year we hand-picked some of our favorite artists, both poets and jazz musicians, to commend a year of amazing performances and inspiring words! These lovely artists come almost every week to make our night what it is. This is our little way of showing gratitude for making WORDparty Tuesdays special. The recipients received an award certificate and a sweet little prize of candies for making Club Deluxe sweet.

Awards for Poetry:
#1 — Fresh New Poet
— Mr. Lewd Lyrics We Love
Dan Brady
 — Favorite Outdoor Poet
Cara Vida
 — Best Cabaret Stylin' 
Steven Gray — Slow Rapper of the Year
Guinevere — "Can You Hear Me Now?" Award
Charlie Getter — Best Contribution to the SF Poetry Scene
Jimmy Hammond— Wordsmith of the Year & Best Use of a Hat
Jonathan — Lover of the House
E.K. Keith — Best Contribution to the SF Poetry Scene
Ledbetter — Best Poet We Allow to Sing
Harmon Leon — Favorite Fucked-up Field Tripper
Martin — Favorite Early Bird
Matt — Best Cross-over Aritist
Maria Medina — The Celia Cruz Award for Percussion
Mirabai — Sex Pot Poet Award
Tatiana Molinar — Words of Gold Award
Monique Marquisa De Magdalena — Best Use of the Wall of as a Prop
PT Nails — "And Then I'll Take Her to a BAR" Award
Pablo — Best Contribution to the Bay Area Poetry Scene
Ozzy — (Posthumous) best Use of the crowd
Reinaldo — Best Whistle Stomp
Michael Stark — Most Organized Poet
William Taylor Jr — Wordparty Poet Laureate
Toby — Best Use of Performance Art
Rudy Waltz — Favorite de-86ed Poet
Jessie Whiley — Best Orator 

Hanna — Miss Congeniality
James — Biggest Brass Bone Award
Geordie — Favorite Percussionist
Micha — Freshest Cat on the Scene
Ofir — Fancy Fingering on the Keys
Carl — Brassy Tootin' Award
Mike — Best Guitar Slinger
Rick — Slickest on the Skins
Colin — Best Poetic Accompanist
Lorin — Scatmaster Flex

Our Deluxe Staff:
Katarina — Master Mixocologist Award
Jay Johnson — Master 86er
Kyle Knobel — WP Artist of the MoFo Year!
Mac McIntosh — Best Friend to the Rescue in a Time of Need
Reggie Sparks — Instant Photographer Award

Friday, June 1, 2007


A BIG GIGANTIC THANK YOU to all the amazing artists, poets and musicians who entered our Button Contest!

We had so many great entries it was very hard to choose, but everyone who came through the door on Tuesday was enthusiastic and eager to vote for their favorites, which made life a whole lot easier on us. A big thank you to everyone who came through to vote.

In total we had 35 entries of original work. From hand drawn on a napkin to fully digital designs, all were unique and tried to tie in the theme of jazz and poetry. The top 5 designs will be handed out to everyone who comes to our TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY, so come on down to WORDparty Tuesdays at Club Deluxe, Haight & Ashbury Street on Tuesday July 17th, 8pm sharp, it's going to be a great night!

Our Winners! Our audience chose 5 designs, shown in order of # of votes:

"Microphone" – by Kyle Knobel

Our Honorable Mentions:

Button Artists from left to right: "Boom" - by Bear, "Illustration" by Renaldo, "2 Years" by Michael Stark, "e pluribus party" by Jimmy Hammond

Thursday, April 5, 2007

WORDparty's National Poetry Month and more...

by Ingrid Keir

April was National Poetry Month and it kept us busy here at The Wordparty!

We kicked it off with a Canned Poetry reading at Frankenart Mart, a cool storefront art gallery in the Richmond district. Many of you contributed poetry to be sold in a real CAN! (See photos). Nothing like putting some poetry in the pantry just in case of an emergency!

The following week Jennifer Barone and I performed at New Blood, a reading hosted by our own Jimmy Hammond! We heard fresh new work from some our favorites including Sharon Doubiago, Monique de Magdalena, Apostle and Jesse Whiley.

Yours truly was invited to feature at Poetry Mission held at Dalva. I believe the intimate setting, the low lighting, and that darn sexy backroom put a spell on me. I was so honored that many of my fellow poets came out to listen to me read!

We continued the National Poetry Month marathon at the 2nd Annual Poem Dome at City Hall, the largest open mic San Francisco has to offer! The Wordparty helped out Diamond Dave Whitaker, E.K. Keith and Charlie Getter with this year’s event. I was lucky enough to read a poem during the three solid hours of poetry. I was wowed by the San Francisco open mic scene! It was truly an amazing to hear poetry in countless varying forms.

As if that wasn’t enough, Jennifer Barone represented at the Beat Museum’s own National Poetry Month Celebration alongside San Francisco’s Poet Laureate, Jack Hirschman, Sharon Doubiago, Monique de Magdalena, Jimmy Hammond, Rudy Waltz & Guinevere!

Whew, once April was over, we took a little poetry vacation in the Sutro Heights Park with Clara Hsu and Dan Brady’s Poets with Trees Picnic. This reading was special because it was not only outside, but we had our own Wordparty Tree! Special thanks to Miss Nicole Henares for bringing her High School kids out to the event, many of them participated by reading a poem or two!

Our own Jennifer Barone is the recipient of the prestigious Poet’s 11 award! She was hand picked by Jack Hirschman (SF’s Poet Laureate) for three poems she submitted to the contest, “Santa Lucia,” “I Won’t Speak,” and “A Political Poem”! Please join me in congratulating Jennifer on her award!!

That brings us to some things we did just for fun! Jazz Cat in the Hat, a poetry swap and a button contest! Please take a look at some of the photos we have posted to see how fun it is to get down with poetry! If you have any ideas for poetry themes, please let us know. We are going to continue to bring you innovative & fun poetry themed nights in the coming months.

Jack Hirschman & Jennifer at the North Beach Branch Library

Ingrid, Clara Hsu & Jennifer at our tree at the Poets with Trees Picnic

Ingrid @ Poems Under the Dome

Ingrid Keir Features at Dalva
Frankenart Mart's Poetry in Can

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Series #2:"She Speaks" @ Club Deluxe a night of all-female music and poetry in celebration of National Women's History Month!

“She Speaks” is a series of performances that brings awareness to female poets and performers and aims to inspire new voices to emerge on the scene. For this second series we’re getting together to celebrate National Women’s History Month and highlighting our favorite female inspirations with an evening of award-winning female poets and San Francisco's most exciting performance artists and musicians! Live jazz with the Nova Jazz Quartet and an open mic to follow!

SHE SPEAKS — A night of all-female poets & live jazz!
Celebrating National Women’s History month!
TUESDAY MARCH 20th, 2007 8pm – midnight
Club Deluxe, 1511 Haight Street (At Ashbury), San Francisco CA
$10 suggested donation, 1 drink minimum
Hosted by: Jennifer, Ingrid & Monique
Opening ceremony & invocation at 8pm sharp!
Live Jazz with the Nova Jazz Quartet.
Avotcja (Bay Area Blues Hall of Fame, Host @ Bistro Yoffi)
Avotcja is Poet/Playwright and has been published in English & Spanish in more Anthologies than she remembers. She is a multi-instrumentalist, Bay Area DJ, teaches Poetry, Creative Writing, Music & Drama and her jazz /spoken word group Modupue is in the Bay Area Blues Hall of Fame.

Jennifer Barone is the co-host of WORDParty Tuesdays at Club Deluxe and is a founder of the WORDParty. She is the author of two collections of poetry titled Simple Language and Secret City — a collaboration with her father’s artwork. She likes to read with jazz and bring poets together. Visit www.thewordparty.com for more!

Sharon Doubiago has written two dozen books of poetry and prose. She holds three Pushcart Prizes for poetry and fiction and the Oregon Book Award for Poetry for Psyche Drives the Coast. Volume One of her memoir, My Father’s Love/Portrait of the Poet as a Girl, will be published next year by Red Hen Press. She’s an online mentor in Creative Writing for the University of Minnesota.

Jennifer Glee has been a regular on The Bro Jud on Love Energy Show on cable channel 29 here in San Francisco for 6 years. She used to paint and writing has always been a big part of her life. An exemplar of the expressionist/Surrealist/Socialist movements, she hopes to open minds and hearts to the inner world.

Guinevere Coming in hot from Chicago, Guinevere now resides in San Francisco. She’s been performing to keep her brains from leaking out of her head since 3rd grade. She would like to thank everyone who’s listening and give the middle finger to everyone who is not. You can catch Guinevere hosting a Free show at the Fingersnaps Salon on 1035 Market St. (bet. 6th & 7th) every Sunday at 7pm.

Clara Hsu practices the art of multi-dimensional being: mother, musician, philanthropist, activist, purveyor of Clarion Music Center, traveler, and ultimately, poet. Clara was a nominee for the Pushcart Prize in poetry (2001). Some of her poems can be found in the Homestead Review, the North Coast Review, the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal, and the Red River Review.

Ingrid Keir is the co-host of WORDParty Tuesdays at Club Deluxe. She is also one of the founders of thewordparty.com. She has self-published two chap-books; the first called Urban Booty (1999) and The Secrets of Like (2004). She is currently working on a new book titled Toward the Light. She loves the mic, Nutella, furry things, yoga, and getting up on the good foot.

Monique Marquisa De Magdalena is a Poet, Performance Artist and Producer. She just produced 5 Girls/ 5 Guys: Hedonism,Ceremony, and Celebration at the Beat Museum and is a founder of She Speaks! Lately, Monique has been personifying the High Priestess of Depravity–Anita Berber from 1920’s Berlin, but has also channeled interesting women such as: Eva Braun, Marie Antoinette, and Salome. 

Mirabai is a multi-talented vibrato of artistic synthesis. Ranging from poetess to puppeteer, pin-up to children’s book author and illustrator. She stimulates the senses with a lush blend of hymns to haunt the soul,
be it by painting, poetry or song.
Tatiana Molinar is a poet from Los Angeles currently residing in San Francisco. She is also one of the featured poets on thewordparty.com

Maria Medina Serafin (is “MM D’Word-Weave Rumbera” bilingual poet/percussionist/sonera member of TroubleMakers Union (Int’l Music for Human Rights) leads and sings with Salsibiri latin music quintet, teaches Therepeutic Drumming Techniques and is an integral part of the Mission Latino cultural community. 

CaraVida is a visual artist, cabaret and spoken word performer sez: Yes, Virginia, there was a women’s movement and I was a Ms., a feminist, and all around wild woman. Back in the day, National Women’s History Month would be National Wimmin’s Herstory Month! Hmmm... Whatever the spelling, we know what it is and what to do — Celebrate and educate.


Cara Vida

Clara Hsu

Guinevere Q

Ingrid Keir

Jennifer Glee

Jennifer Barone

Maria Medina

Monique Marquisa
De Magdalena

Sharon Doubiago

Tatiana Molinar

Monday, January 8, 2007

Secret City Book Release and Art Exhibit at Live Worms Gallery in North Beach, SF

Secret City is a new collection of poetry by Jennifer Barone, in collaboration with her father and artist Edward Barone, in New York City, who responded through the mail to her poetry with original paintings. Secret City is a portrait of the author's intimate relationship between her hometown of New York City and San Francisco, where she now resides.

More on Edward: 
Edward Barone was born in Brooklyn, NY. He served in the U.S. military during the Vietnam war and began painting in 2005 after taking an art workshop at the VA hospital in Brooklyn. His artwork has been on exhibit at the Brooklyn Waterfront Arts Coalition (BWAC.) He continues to paint and sell his work in New York City.

Signing some books!
How much is that poet in the window?
Jennifer and her father Edward
Hmmmm, that is very unusual...
Lots of great friends showed up to celebrate

Book Release Party:We had a special one-night-only Book Release Party and Art Exhibit of original artwork from the book on Monday January 8th, 2007 at Live Worms Gallery, 1345 Grant Avenue, between Vallejo and Green Street, North Beach, San Francisco, CA