Saturday, July 16, 2011

WordParty June 21, 2011 - Highlights

For some reason the June installment of the WordParty was a wild madhouse. Could it be because I printed out the old sign-up sheet, which had more slots for poets than the allotted time? Sorry Jonathan... I promise to bring the right sign-up sheet this month as we went 1/2 hour over our regularly scheduled time slot at Viracocha, but we were just having too much fun! Some of the highlights of the night were Harmon Leon bringing his special brand of poetic comedy and laptop humor by running a slide show of his famous "ironic, not ironic" piece. Rudy Waltz gave us a great "farewell" poem as he was heading out of town for a little bit. Kirk Lumpkin graced our stage with his wonderful jazz poem and many, many more... Here are two photos of some more favorites: Steve Arnston and friends who gave us a poem with interpretive dance:

and our very own Geordie Van Der Bosch, conga player - who read an intuitive poem from the top of his head which he dedicated to the one and only Gil Scott Heron, R.I.P. called "This Poem Will NOT be Read" after Gil's "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised." We're trying to get Geordie to give us a copy of his poem, but apparently he doesn't want it to be read, ha ha! 

See you - 3rd Tuesday in July at Viracocha where Bear will be my guest co-host running with the theme of poetry inspired by music! Come on down. –  Jennifer Barone