Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The WordParty Awards 2006

On July 18th, 2006 we celebrated our first anniversary at Club Deluxe and in honor the artists that made our year inspirational, fun, energetic and so many other adjectives, we handed out the first WordParty Awards, including an audience elected "People's Choice" award.

Tuesday nights at Club Deluxe would not be what it is without the following people:

People’s Choice Awards:
Best Poet – Tie between The Poet J.C. and Jesse Whiley
Best Musician – Thatcher

Charlie Getter – Poet Who Doesn't Need a Mic
E.K. Keith – Favorite Local Open Mic Host
Pablo Rosales – The Billie Dee Williams Award for Best Poetic Lover
The Poet J.C. – Favorite Musical Rebel Rouser
Avotcha – The Poet Who Moves Us
Jesse Whiley– Wordsmith of the Year
Philip T. Nails – Mr. Lewd Behavior We Love 2006
Bambi Lake – Miss Lewd Behavior We Love 2006

William Taylor Jr. – WordParty Poet Laureate
Steven Gray – Best Rhyme & Rhythm
Trdmrc – Favorite Lottery Winner who Made Us Proud
Cara Vida – Best Bedazzled Performance
Tatiana Molinar – Most Soulful
Jimmy Mankind – Best Use of an Alias
Nicole Henares – Best Usage of “Hokey Pokey”
Bear – Best Growl
Ledbetter – Best Set of Pipes
Mattie – Best Poet to Get on the List After The List has Closed
Brandon – Best Poet Who Comes Late That We Love
Mark Schwartz & Diamond Dave Whitaker – Favorite Local Poet Icons
Felice Ana – Fresh New Poet
Ramu Aki – Most Colorful
Wiseproof – Best Freestyle
Rashna – Favorite Thatcher Tantalizer

James – Loudest Stand-on-Chair Enthusiast
Thatcher – Favorite Poetic Accompaniment
Carl – Fresh New Musician
Ross Steiner – Best Comeback
Andy Marchetti – Best Facial Expressions
Chad Oswalt – Best Fingering
Shane – Best Usage of a Hat
Colin – Favorite Toe-Tapper

Katarina Fabic – Hot Cocktail Queen
Jay Johnson – Our Favorite Crooner / Club Owner