Wednesday, April 20, 2011

National Poetry Month at the WordParty!

I don't know what to say, last night was just AMAZING. High-energy, lots of laughs, inspiring poetry and jazz. Something must be in there air because everyone was amped and no one wanted to leave, we ran a 1/2 hour over, but our friends at Viracocha didn't seem to mind too much as they were having a good time too. EK Keith stopped by to do a lottery drawing for one lucky poet to read at the upcoming Poems Under the Dome at City Hall. We are proud to announce that one of our favorites - CaraVida - was the winner! WordParty regular Ted Walker showed up with a poem he wrote just for the night, see below. Hope you are continuing to write a poem every day... - the Word Party

This Happening at the V-Cave
by Theodore Walker

We kids drop down to the V-cave,
spitting words and daring brave.
Dudes dressed in retro duds and
birds displayed to impress studs
with retro flair
they toss their hair.
Hipster shoes and
moody blues and
cats too cool for school.
Where word-party love
fits jazz on like a glove
banging sounds from GVB
tapping tight on congas-whee!
Colin-stands up and slaps bass
hits it so hard, I lose my place!
Dan Heffez, man..whats to say?
blowin the sax, listen to him play!
Carl sometimes sits in and with a grin
laying down Gabrielite horn to my chagrin.
Man, you just have to see
this happening at the Vee!

I’m not kiddin’ I’m not foolin’
I mean, yeah this site is coolin
me out. V-cave filled with hipsters
tricksters, and finger-poppin daddies
like Lord Buckley, and man we had it!
We sang outta key, outta tune
we sang through Poetry Month into June
and beyond.

So cats, lemme hip ya to the scene
here at V-cave it’s always a scream
and thank you to Jennie B
and Ingrid that mama to be
Hang on babies, give up hollers and shouts
to the Word Party, Poetry month, and I’m out!

Friday, April 8, 2011

The WordParty Relaunches Website

Hello Everyone,

Just in time for National Poetry Month, we here at the WordParty are proud to announce the relaunch of our newly redesigned website!  

Please go to to check it out!