Friday, September 1, 2006


– by Jennifer Barone and Ingrid Keir

How does he do it? Every week, James, our trombone player, is wearing a huge smile and making Tuesday night live and energetic like he is!

We decided to shed some light on this very hot, very exciting, very lovable jazz musician. Check out our interview below and learn somethings you may or may not have known about James. We certainly did! Then, come down to Club Deluxe on Tuesday nights and experience him, LIVE!

Q: Tuesday's at Deluxe wouldn't be the same without you. How do you have so much energy week after week? Is it ginseng? Caffeine? Just pure love?
A: You know the answer to that - my air kisses from Jennifer and Ingrid, they always help! All I need are air kisses! I am a simple man, kisses baby.

Q: How did you get into jazz and what inspires you to take up the trombone?
A: I started when I was 8. Mr.Theuis in Kaiserlautern, Germany got me started. I wanted to play sax because my Dad played it. Or trumpet because trumpet players seem so cool – like Miles Davis and Terence Blanchard.
Now, I’m bringing the coolness to the trombone!

Q: Who are some of your favorite musicians and what song makes you totally lose your shit?
Any song by Mingus Big Band. You want to see me go crazy? Play any song by Charles Mingus and I will go APE!

Q: Do you call your instrument a “bone?” Daniel says you do...and exactly how long is the "bone" when it’s fully extended?
 Trombone players can play in 6 different positions! THAT’S RIGHT LADIES, SIX!

Q: Do you have anything exciting that you carry in your case (besides your bone, of course)?
I have a special token for every country I have played in - Scotland, Germany, London, Toronto. I keep a little reminder how small the world is and how all people can appreciate music and poetry. Now, I want to play in Paris and Tokyo, maybe I’ll get a one way ticket!

Q: What do you think about the marriage of poetry and jazz?
 All too natural, whatever happens on a given night can never be duplicated or reproduced. Each night is a new opportunity for something magical. The energy and love transcends religion, race, gender roles and sexual orientation!

Q: Do you have any favorite poets?
 Jimmy (Deep seated passion)
Jessie (Every word has definition)
Pablo (Billie Dee)
Tatiana (Panamanian sister)
T. (Mr. Orgasmic)
all the newbees

Q: You've been such a consistent energy on Tuesdays, what were some of your favorite memories at Club Deluxe?
 Dan's Birthday, Jennifer's Birthday and the one year anniversary.

Q: Now, the $1 million question:
who's hotter — Ingrid, Jennifer or Katarina?
 Ok, this is hard question. Ingrid is so hot and has a sexy behind. Our air kisses could kill! Jennifer is so hot, sexy behind, and she’s Italian. Bella! Katarina is so hot, she’s a tall goddess with piercing eyes.

My last day on earth would include a threesome with all three! Now that is heaven. Sorry Dan, Kyle, Colin, Thatcher, Andy and Carl. You guys could only watch!

Q: Anything else you would like to share about the night?
 I think we should have theme nights:
Hawaii Night, 1920 nights, College nights, Toga or Roman nights
80s, 60s, 70s, Maybe a 90s but NOT Britney Spears and No Futurist night.