Thursday, April 12, 2012

WordParty Poetry Challenge - Writing Prompt #11

Prompt #11
by Bear
Music Collection Poem

Go to your music collection and find one your favorite music albums (it helps if the album has interesting song titles).   Let’s use The Beatles ‘Rubber Soul’ as an example.

The number of stanzas is the number of words in the album title.  Rubber Soul means this poem will have 2 stanzas.

The number of lines in each stanza is equal to the number of words in the song title of your favorite track on the album.  For me it would be ‘In My Life’ so each stanza will have three lines.

The number of words per line must equal half the number of tracks on the album rounded down.  So with 14 tracks on Rubber Soul each line will have 7 words.  An album with thirteen tracks would round down to have 6 lines in each stanza.

Each stanza must contain one word from each song title in album order.  Avoid using bland words like it, him, has, them… where possible and use the more interesting words.

If possible use the album title as the title of your poem.