Sunday, April 8, 2012

WordParty Poetry Challenge – Writing Prompt #7 and 8

It has been a busy weekend (it is my birthday AND Easter) so apologies that prompt  #7 is late! I hope you are keeping up with the challenge. If you’ve missed a day of writing, don’t worry just pick it  up again today!

I’ll be posting some stellar responses we’ve been getting tomorrow. If you’d like to share your responses to any of our prompts, please email them to


Prompt #7
by Ingrid

Sit in a public location (a park, the student center, the parking lot at the gym) for 30 minutes. What do you notice, smell, hear? What can you invent about overheard conversations? Some of the best writing can come from these moments colored by the imagination. For example, the dog walker with the tangled leashes of 15 different pups, the couple yelling obscenities at one another while playing tennis in the park.

Prompt #8
by Jennifer

Write a poem about a lover who got away, or who you never culminated your affection for. Write about about what may have happened to you if you did.