Tuesday, April 24, 2012

WordParty Poetry Challenge - Day 24 - Recycle a Line

Day 24
Recycle a Line
by Ingrid 

This prompt is inspired by a longtime WordParty friend & poet, EK Keith. Every year she takes a poem-a-day writing challenge. This year she's not only writing daily, but using one  line from the previous day's poem and writing a new poem.

Yes, like an exquisite corpse poem, though I would rather call it recycled poetry.

Here's the prompt:
Take a line or lines from any of the previous poems you've written during the challenge, and write a new poem! You can use multiple poems and/or lines. 

Worrying about the Future
by  E.K. Keith
April 22 and 23 2012
In an infinitely expanding universe every bellybutton is the point of dead reckoning
as we drift as we shift towards the future while we look at the still twinkling lights of long dead stars
I stop worrying about the future as I understand in a twinkling
the overlap of the future and the past is the present
Our hands touch
I'm worrying about the future again because the past failed to prepare me for the present
and I'd give anything for a time machine with anti-lock brakes to keep us from crashing into the future like a drunk on a joyride on a moonless night no headlights car crumpling fenders buckling
the smack the impact I swear I don't know what happened and I never saw it coming

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