Wednesday, August 3, 2011

July 2011 Highlights - Music-themed WordParty, OutofOur Release, Welcome Sierra

July was a happening month for poetry. LaborFest took over the city and we were lucky enough to catch some moving readings with Alice Rogoff and Andrea Zawinski at City Lights, very inspiring. Ted Walker had a theatrical performance at Viracocha, or what he lovingly calls the "V-cave," with his original play "Babble on Babylon." Check out his photographs on facebook, he even made some wicked costumes, impressive stuff. We are hoping that he does it again!

The July installment of the WordParty had our very own Bear as Jennifer's guest co-host. Bear had been wanting to do a special theme night for a long time about "Music" of course, his favorite subject. Poets were invited to bring poems inspired by the theme or even read song lyrics as if they were poems. Some of the highlights of the night were Bear reading "Rock Lobster" as a poem along with Luther Vandross' "Never too much." Ted Walker's poetic version of the "The Highlander" and Dan Brady doing Bob Dylan, QR Hand Jr was there along with Steve Arnston... The list goes on and on, too much fun, great performances... Nova Jazz was happy with our musical theme of course:

OutofOur had their issue 11 release party at the new Art Internationale art space in North Beach. Jennifer Barone read along with Nova Jazz to represent the WordParty. Jack Hirschman read along with Steven Gray, Cara Vida and more. Here's a photo of Sarah Page welcoming guests and handing out the latest issue of OutofOur, look for the WordParty's ad in the back and a poem by Jennifer.

In other news of July, Ingrid had a baby girl on Monday July 25, 2011 named Sierra. Truly one of her greatest works of art. We can't wait for her first poem, maybe we'll have a third co-hostess in the future? Welcome little Sierra!